Paintbrush 101 : Start Using Your Brushes with Intent & Confidence

If you want to start using your paint brushes with intent & confidence but instead end up choosing brushes at random, then keep scrolling.

You already know that paint brushes are an important tool that'll help your art, but you'd just wish they'd come with some sort of instruction manual on how to use each type.

If any of the following sound familiar then this is the place for you:

    • You're starting out and no clue on which brushes to buy or use
    • You already own some basic brushes, but only use 1 or 2 because you don't know what the others do
    • You want to walk down the paintbrush aisle with confidence but instead you dread it
    • Your strokes aren't smooth, and they take forever to dry
    • You envision yourself knowing the right paintbrush to use, but instead choose at random
    • You want to learn different brush techniques but don't know where to start

You didn't expect this to happen (I know I didn't).

After all, you've spent your money buying brushes, which ideally should be coming with some sort of instruction manual showing you what each does, what it's called and how to use them. 

But sadly, instructions are non-existent, leaving you with a nice set of brushes and no clear path forward on how to use them.

Which is why you'll love this Paintbrush 101 system meant for beginners setup by someone whose been there and owned various brushes without a clue on how to use them properly.


Paintbrush 101 : Start Using Your Brushes with Intent & Confidence

A 4 module system that will walk you through what you need to know to start using your brushes like a painting rockstar! 

What's included in this system:

    • Module 1: Building the best & simplest paintbrush collection 
    • Module 2: Using your paintbrushes like a pro
    • Module 3:  Paintbrush use, care / cleaning to make your brushes last longer (tips I wish I had known years ago)
    • Module 4: 5 paintbrush exercise sets that'll level up your confidence (video+exercises)
    • Video Tutorials that'll save time to understand techniques and brush work
    • Homework exercises that help you gain hands-on practice with your brushes
    • Fun Gifs and Memes (because learning about your brushes can be fun too!)
    • Time-saving diagrams & printables that'll help you shop and understand your brushes better
    • BONUS 1: Step-by-step easy & beautiful daisy flower field painting with 4 brushes + 5 brush techniques ($10 value)
    • BONUS 2 : Easy tree with branches technique to paint any tree with 1 brush 
    • BONUS 3: How to paint with a palette knife - tips, tricks and techniques (including a full mini abstract painting)

    And you can get access to this beginners paintbrush system for $12.

    Imagine the confidence of using your brushes with clear intent and enjoying the painting journey your creative side deserve.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What format is this course in?

    The crux of this course is organized into 4 modules. Each lesson has a text based instruction, and some have supplemental video instructions in addition when required. All 5 brush exercises have a video component because this was the most efficient and best way to show each individual stroke.

    There are 3 bonus sections (all include video instruction): A daisy field painting with 4 brushes, 1 brush tree and  branch painting tutorial and how to paint with your palette knife video tutorial ($20 value)

    What happens if I don't like this course?

    Although I believe this course is going to help you more forward in your journey, if you're not feeling the same way you'll get 100% of your money back within 14 days from the day you purchased.

    I'm an art teacher, can I use this course to teach my students?

    Please contact me for permission at

    So go ahead and slap that green button below my paint-loving pal. And give your creative side the ability to finally use your brushes with confidence and intent.

    10 Modules

    Your Journey is Just Beginning...

    BONUS 1: Easy Daisy Landscape Painting with 4 Brushes

    This carefully designed, fun & easy daisy landscape painting is made for the students of this course to help practice and hone some basic and essential brush techniques.

    And you'll get a beautiful painting at the end of it, that you'll be proud to share with your family and friends!

    You'll learn how to:

    • effectively use a flat brush for backgrounds
    • create smooth paint strokes like a pro
    • paint delicate & fine flower stems
    • one stroke daisy flower petals
    • paint grass with a fan brush

    The lessons includes the step-by-step instructions (PDF that you can download and keep forever) and a full length video.

    BONUS 2: Painting a Simple Tree & Branches with 1 Brush

    After watching this quick 6 minute video you'll know which brush to grab (and how to use it) when you need to paint a tree and branches in any painting you make.

    BONUS 3: Palette Knife Love - Tips, Tricks, Techniques & How To Paint With Your Palette Knife

    Bonus 4: How To Create Beautiful Blends with Acrylics - 3 Easy Techniques for Beginners

    Modules for this product 10
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