Paint Your First Abstract Painting - That's Actually Fun To Make [WORKSHOP]

Want to make an abstract painting that’s fun, simple, and easy?  

Learn the exact steps to create a unique & easy abstract painting that you can paint with the supplies you already have in your home.

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Are you a beginner acrylic artist who wants to explore other styles, and not feel the squelching disappointment of your end painting not living up to the instructors example?

I’ve been there.

I’ve followed some really good tutorials/Paint Nights over the years, but there’s an unspoken, nerve-racking energy with those style of paintings.

And I’m not alone. I’ve seen/heard this feeling echoed through many people who paint, or any other activity for that matter.

It’s that pesky “pressure-to-perform” feeling you’re faced with when there’s a “final product” you feel you need to mimic.

For many of us, that pressure right off the bat is a big, ugly squelcher of creative spirit.

And on top of that, when your  “end painting” looks closer to a salad than your instructors painting, it can be a bit disappointing. 🥗🥬

Which is why I love using and teaching an abstract approach to painting where every single painting is as unique as each person is.

There is no “end painting” to compare to - your unique painting is the goal.

And the best part? You don’t need a bazzilion extra painting supplies that you have to go out and plan to buy and invest your money in.


The “Paint Your First Abstract (That's Actually Fun To Make!)” workshop. 

Created for beginners like you who want to create their first abstract painting without an ounce of “performance pressure”. And dare I say have some fun along the way.

After the “Paint Your First Abstract Piece “ workshop, you’ll be able to:

  • Paint 2 beautiful and fun abstract paintings (and a framework to create an infinite more unique pieces) 🖼️❤️
  • Let go of judgement, and listen to your intuition instead 😊🙏🏽
  • Have fun going through your home looking for unexpected painting tools (my fave part)💡
  • Avoid making muddy/murky/ lifeless colours in any painting 🌈
  • Transform your art with this 1 missing step most beginners don’t know about 🐛 --> 🦋
  • Get un-stuck when you don’t know what to do next 🤔 💡

What’s included in this workshop?

  • 7 Modules, 17 lessons and 5 bonus lessons (most are conveniently video based)
  • Video walkthrough of the supplies and optional supplies you’ll need for the course (see Q&A section below)
  • Mark making module: using 3 simple brushes and household items in your home (videos) 🖌️♻️
  • Abstract Intuitional Painting Module: 8 strategic steps to creating the most unique, beautiful and enjoyable painting (videos)🥰 🎨
  • Troubleshooting video to help your painting 
  • Before & After painting transformations and finished painting ideas (pictures) 
  • Fun giphy’s along the way (because having fun & creativity go hand in hand, plus it's just good for the soul) 😂 🙏

Modules and Lessons List

I'm ready to paint this now for $12

6 Fun Bonuses

  1. 2 unconventional (but super cool ways) to sign your art
  2. 1 step to more vibrant colours and sealing your painting
  3. 21 Page Collage Booklet (PDF download, 90+ designs) 
  4. How to paint the sides of your canvas so your painting looks unique and smashing on a wall 
  5. 12 colours you can use to communicate emotion/feeling in your art
  6. Access to the private FB "Canvas Love" beginner artist support community


Questions & Answers


1. What supplies will I need in this workshop?

  • You’ll need 2 canvases ( I used a square 10x10 but any size canvas will work with this process),
  • 6-10 acrylic paint colors of your choice (black , white and your choice of blues, greens, yellows, reds, yellows, pinks and purples),
  • 3 paint brushes of your choice (large, medium and small),
  • a jar of clean water,
  • paint palette,
  • a pencil/crayons,
  • rag/paper towel

I’ll also be teaching some optional steps like collaging and varnishing with some additional acrylic mediums : matte medium and gloss varnish. I’ll also show you some of my favourite products (gel pens, paint markers) that can help with fine details but are not necessary to buy for this painting , and I always try to show you a comparable alternative technique using a brush.

If you’ll be doing the collage step and you want to use items in the BONUS collage booklet, you’ll also need a printer to print it out.

2. I'm a complete beginner, can I do this painting style?

Absolutely! This abstract painting process was specifically designed for those just starting out with acrylics and painting. This course is revolved around having fun with paint while learning some basic techniques about acrylic paint, brush work, composition, color and more.

3. I’m more advanced with acrylics, will this workshop work for me?

While the painting framework was designed for beginners, it can also serve as new, refreshing and fun painting style that can augment your already rich painting experience, give you more creativity or even get you out of a painting rut.

4. Are there any physical products sent to me?

This entire workshop is 100% digital and most lessons in this workshop have a convenient video demonstration ( each video is between 5-20 minutes long). All the lessons, modules  and bonuses are are “on-demand”. Meaning you can read/play them at any time that suits you best. The 21 page collage booklet (PDF) can be downloaded on any computer, mobile or device and can be printed on any printer. 

6. What happens if I don’t like this workshop?

I want everyone taking this workshop to feel like they received 1000% value out of it. If that’s not the case you’ll get 100% of your money back (no questions asked) within 30 days of purchase. You can send your refund requests to 


So go ahead and tap that green button below and give yourself the gift of an abstract painting experience that's fun , easy and stress-free.

I hope to see you inside!

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11 Modules

2. What is Abstract/Intuitional Art And What Can I Get Out Of It?

3. Walkthrough of Supplies You'll Need For This Course

6. Completed Paintings (With Pictures) & Before And After Transformations

BONUS: How To Paint The Sides Of Your Canvas So It Looks Brilliant On Your Wall

BONUS: 2 Untraditional But Super Cool Ways To Sign Your Art

BONUS: 1 Easy Step To Brighten Your Colors and Protect Your Painting

BONUS: 12 Colors To Use In Your Art To Convey Emotion and Mood

Modules for this product 11
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