Paint and Sip (Video Package): Cherry Blossom Tree Painting

This Cherry Blossom Tree paint and sip video package includes everything you need to plan and run a successful and fun paint night event.

This package includes 5 parts:

1. Paint and Sip Guide for the Host/Hostess : an in-depth 18 minute video where I'll guide you through all the supplies you'll need to setup and host a successful paint night in your own space. Tips that will save you money when buying supplies for a group(buying in bulk recommendations), advice on which supplies will give your guests a better painting experience, in depth review of types and brands of paints to choose, and much more. This video is general enough where it can be applies to any paint and sip painting.

2. Paint Stations Setup Walkthrough: a quick 2 minute video that'll guide you through how to setup each painting station for your guests. This painting station setup can be used for any paint and sip painting

3. Supplies Checklist Video +Shopping List: a quick video 2 minute video that will show you the supplies you'll need for this Cherry Blossom Tree painting. Including tips on choosing the best type of red, black and white paint. Downloadable shopping checklist also included.

4. Cherry Blossom Tree Video Tutorial:  I will guide you through each step of this Cherry Blossom Tree painting in this full length 47 minute video tutorial. All you have to do is press play, and you and your guests can sit back, relax and enjoy the entire painting process. In addition to the full painting instruction, this video also offers: a positive mindset mantra at the beginning of the video, positive and encouraging teaching style throughout, some interesting facts about cherry blossoms, and ways you can share your finished paintings with me if you wish.

5. Cherry Blossom Tree PDF Workbook: a step by step printable workbook to create this Cherry Blossom Tree for you and your guests to follow along with as an option. Complete with written instructions and full color pictures of each step.

Return Policy: a 14 day no questions asked return policy if you're not completely satisfied with the package.

6 Modules

Paint and Sip Party Guide for the Host/Hostess

Cherry Blossom Tree Supplies List

Cherry Blossom Tree PDF Workbook (Printable)

5 Drink Ideas To Serve with This Cherry Blossom Painting

Modules for this product 6
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