Acrylic For Beginners Bundle: A-Z Guide To Your First Acrylic Masterpiece

Are you new to the world of acrylic painting and want to paint your first masterpiece in the next 48 hours?

Maybe you've tried to paint before, but things seem so overly complicated or you've ended up with streaky, lifeless colors, blends and landscapes that look like a strange salad. 🥬 

I'm here to tell you, you're not doing anything wrong.

Even if you've never painted a day in your life, it's not actually you, it's them...

The problem is many how-to guides out there are written for people who've actually painted before. Who know what value and saturation are, and are further along in their journey.

And if you do get through them without scratching your head, you're still stuck having to figure out a plan to move forward (I.e the right supplies you'll need and how to use them, finding ideas to paint, the right beginner tutorials to start with, etc.).

Which can make the learning experience more challenging & time consuming....

Plus, you don't want to waste your good paints!

Which is why you need a simple to follow guide that'll demystify all the stuff as a beginner with a go-forward plan, written by someone who understands that you just want to make your first painting (or many) and be proud of it.

Because you do have it in you.



"Jasmine thank you for this guide. It’s clear and inspiring. Some guides are too technical and make you lose interest. But you’ve presented everything in a way that’s interesting and easy to understand. I’m ready to start painting with acrylics! Thanks again for the guidance and encouragement!" - VR, September 10th, 2020



The "Acrylic For Beginners : A-Z Guide To Your First Acrylic Masterpiece" Bundle

Created and designed for beginners like you who want to start an enjoyable painting hobby, but need a bit of guidance to start.

Think of this guide like having a friend whose been painting for years, but won't make you feel dumb for asking questions.

After the "Acrylic For Beginners : A-Z Guide To Your First Acrylic Masterpiece" Bundle, you'll be able to:

  • 🌸 Paint a stunning abstract Cherry Blossom Tree 🌸
  • Know 3 paint blending techniques that can help your blends & strokes look like the pros 👌
  • Never again waste money on paints and supplies that'll make your artwork worse 💰💰
  • The secret sauce tips that artists don't talk about that can take your painting from meh to masterpiece
  • Never again struggle with what colors go well together🌈

What's included in this Acrylics Bundle?

  1. 87 page e-book that'll take you through everything you need to know. You can print it, save it, download it, etc.
  2. The basic painting supplies you really need and how to use them properly (shopping list with time-saving links included)
  3. List of highly recommended free video courses that will guide you to starting 6+ painting styles like: abstract art, fluid/pour painting, landscape, mixed media, realism, color theory, step by step painting, etc
  4. Step-by-step guide how to start, plan and execute any painting of your choice
  5. 3 Paint blending techniques that'll make your paintings look like the pro's
  6. 4 easy formulas that make it easy-peasy to pick colors that actually look good together, each and every time.
  7. The only 12 paint colors you need and why
  8. Actual fun lessons in color theory that won't make your head spin 😵‍💫 and actually help you create stunning art👌
  9. Easy to understand terms and explanations for all ages and skill levels ✅
  10. Printables and charts that’ll make things easier to understand
  11. How to cleanup and store your supplies so they last longer
  12. 5 common beginner struggles and how to solve them before they happen to you
  13. Intro to acrylic mediums (gels, pastes, fluids)
  14. 14 Day acrylic painting quick start roadmap for beginners
  15. Access to a private Facebook group where you'll can seek support from fellow budding artists like yourself, accountability, motivation (and you get to share what you're working on!)
  16. Timesaving All-In-One PDF file option that includes the entire course in one file. Click print once to save time and printer paper.
  17. and more....

To make sure you move forward after learning all this info,  you'll get time-saving & convenient ad-free access to the top 3 beginner painting tutorials on, painted by hundreds worldwide.** ($15 value)


  1. Modern Cherry Blossom Tree Tutorial with exclusive ad-free and full-length video access.  ($7 value)
  2. Aesthetic Clouds in a Sunset Sky Tutorial with ad-free and full-length video access ($7 value)
  3. Easy Sunset Cityscape Painting with ad-free and full length video access ($7 value)
  4. 30+ Painting Prompts for Beginners Who Need Inspiration ($3 value)
  5. How to paint any tree silhouette with branches with 1 simple brush ($7 value)
  6. How to read your paint bottle labels guide ($3 value)

You can get access to the guide and bonus tutorials to help you along and finally start that motivating painting hobby, for only $7 dollars. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What makes this different than free YouTube videos?

First, the video tutorials in this course are exclusive ad-free versions, so you're not interrupted by ads during your tutorial. They are also full length video length (not the speed-up version on my channel).

Another thing that makes this unique from YouTube is that this bundle is not simply a bunch of videos randomly put together.

Some things with acrylic painting is best learned through written format with clearly designed pictures and diagrams. For those topics I've added an e-book that literally takes you through each thing you need to know.

And you can print this book and keep forever if you'd rather read a physical copy.

For the step by step tutorials, there is both a video component as well as clear step-by-step written guide. Some beginners prefer written steps with pictures over video (since the pace can be different for everyone), so I always include both formats.

These printable step by step tutorials can also work great for paint & sip parties, birthday parties and paint nights.

You'll also get extra tips, a printable supplies checklist and more which you don't get with YouTube Tutorials alone.

2. If I've used acrylics before but want to paint/learn more, will this guide help me?

Yup, this will be helpful for both those who've never touched paints AND dabblers who currently paint but feel stuck and need inspiration to move forward.

3. I'm a watercolor/oil painter who wants to start with acrylics, will this guide help me?

Absolutely! There's even a section in the guide that compares all 3 paint mediums so you'll quickly understand the differences and quirks of acrylics

4. What format is this guide written in

The 63 page guide comes in a PDF format that you can instantly download on your phone, tablet, computer or any device you have. It's also formatted so you can get it physically printed into a book format for those who prefer reading physical copies. It's easy to download, but if you have any questions or need assistance you can contact me at

The other 2 modules ("intro to color theory" and "intro to paint blending") are in a lesson formats because of the depth needed to go into each of those topics.

Finally, the bonuses tutorials and 33 prompts list are in downloadable PDF files with video tutorials included.

5. What happens if I'm not completely satisfied?

100% refund within 14 days of purchase, no questions asked.


So go ahead and tap that green button below and give yourself the confidence boost it needs to finally start the painting hobby you've always dreamt.

I hope to see you inside!

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10 Modules

2. Acrylic Painting For Beginners: An A-Z Guide To Your First Masterpiece

4. Intro to Acrylic Paint Blending: 3 Techniques For Beautiful Blends, Gradients and Strokes

Bonus 4: How to Paint A Tree & Branches With 1 Brush

Modules for this product 10
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